Locale code of the blog, representing the language that the blog will render its messages in.

locale is a member of the blog dictionary.

locale has data type locale

Locales are identifiers for a language and variant used by a blog.


Metadata are implicit properties belonging to a data type. If your data has the name 'foo', you reference it with 'data:foo'. If the metadata is 'bar', you can reference the value of foo's metadata bar with 'data:foo.bar'.

name: Display name of the locale, e.g. "English".
language: Code representing the language, e.g. "en" for English.
country: The country of the language, e.g. "AU" for Australia.
variant: The variant of the language, e.g. "TH" for Thai digits when using locale th-TH-TH.
script: The script of the language, e.g. "Arab" for Arabic.
languageDirection: Either "LTR" (for left-to-right e.g. English), or "RTL" (for right-to-left e.g. Arabic).

Note that the blog's locale can be overridden using the hl parameter, e.g. ?hl=en will force English. This can be leveraged to try and support multiple languages (Example instructions).

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