posts[i]. date

Date that the post was written.

posts[i]. date is a member of the Popular Posts dictionary.

date has data type date

Dates are timestamp objects.


Metadata are implicit properties belonging to a data type. If your data has the name 'foo', you reference it with 'data:foo'. If the metadata is 'bar', you can reference the value of foo's metadata bar with ''.

year: Number representing the year component of the date.
month: Number representing the month of the year (1 for Jan, 2 for Feb, etc).
day: Number representing the day of the month.
iso8601: ISO8601 standard formatting for the date.


format(date, format)
Formats the given date to the given format string, using the blog's selected language.
date: Date to be formatted, e.g.
format: ICU format string for the date to be formatted to, in the blog's language. e.g. "MMM dd". Example: A custom Post timestamp byline (full example).
<b:eval expr=' format "MMM dd" ' />